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Welcome to Clear the Clutter, a Professional Organizing service serving Mansfield, Ohio, Richland and the surrounding counties!  Clear the Clutter offers organizing and decluttering services for any space in a home.  We are also happy to assist when clients are ready to downsize their possessions by deciding what to keep, store or distribute.

Additionally, we help clients analyze documents and manage their paper and files. Aside from the option of shredding unnecessary paper, we scan documents when clients prefer to retain information “just in case”.

When you are ready to move, Clear the Clutter can help prepare your home for the real estate market.  We also assist with relocation packing and unpacking to reduce the burden of your move.

If there are any additional services where Clear the Clutter might be of assistance, talk to use to see if we can help.

Contact us today to set up a complementary telephone consultation to transform your home into the clutter-free environment you’ve always wanted.

Clear the Clutter

Clear your Home

Clear your Life

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