Clear the Clutter of Mansfield Ohio will help you organize Herbs and Spices in small glass jars to retain freshness longer
Loose Herbs and Spices from the market in Antibes France.  Clear the Clutter recommends clients organize herbs and spices in glass jars.

I love my pictures of brightly-colored spices from Antibes La Marche Provencal, a market perfect for wandering to soak up the sights, colors & smells.  Like most European markets, it is a sensory overload.  European markets know how to organize herbs and spices!  

I always buy herbs and spices in small quantities, which is why I don’t purchase them pre-packaged in grocery store. When I get home, I transfer them to airtight glass jars so the spices last longer.

Herbs and spices don’t spoil but over time they lose their strength. Preserving freshness and flavor is based on how you store them. Whole peppercorns, nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon sticks and whole seeds, such as coriander, cumin, and cardamom all last longer than their ground counterparts.


Clear the Clutter of Mansfield Ohio demonstrates Herb and Spice Organization in clear, 2 ounce glass jars with clamps. This will maintain freshness.
Clear the Clutter, Mansfield Ohio recommends storing Herb and Spice Organization in clear, 2 ounce glass jars with clamps

Proper spice storage is not difficult. Store in air tight containers, preferably made of glass, and keep them in a cool dark place.  Keep containers tightly closed to protect them from moisture and oxidation. Place spices away from direct light will keep their color from fading. Additionally, storing herbs and spices in glass will prevent leaching of BPAs or BPSs from plastic.

There are many fancy jars and expensive organizational systems to store herbs and spices but my method is simple. I purchase 2-ounce, airtight clear glass jars with clamp lids, then label them on the outside with the name of the herb and the date purchased. Since I store mine in the cupboard, clear glass works fine. If I were to leave them exposed to light, I recommend using a darker glass, like amber.

And whatever you do, never store your spices above your stove.



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