Have you looked into electronic recycling programs to declutter items you no longer use?  Do you still have a tower hard drive that holds a floppy disk sitting around your house?  How about CRT computer monitors sitting in the closet?  As a result, many retailers have electronic recycling programs free to consumers.

Electronic recycling programs can help you dispose of old computer equiment safely. Clear The Clutter Ohio, Professional Organizer, Mansfield, Ohio provides options on different programs.
Old equipment in need of electronic recycling

Electronic recycling and donations are a great way to help conserve resources and natural materials. It is important to ensure you donate and recycle electronics safely.  When you plan to recycle your items, look for programs where computers are sorted and sent to environmental partners.  The partners will disassemble and safely recycle the components.

Retail Electronic Recycling Programs

Best Buy has several web pages dedicated to appliance and electronic recycling.  They describe their partnership with recycling companies to keep harmful parts out of the environment.  They also discuss how they repurpose and recycle reclaimed items.  Best of all, each free-standing store participates in the program.

Staples accepts up to 6 recyclable items per day at their stores.  While they don’t accept a wide range of appliances for recycling, they offer “Staples Cash” for many items turned in.

Office Depot has a printable Tech Recycling brochure that outlines their mail-in technology recycling.  For a small fee, consumers can mail in or drop off a long list of acceptable products.

Non-Retail Electronic Recycling 

As another option, many Goodwill International stores accept various items for electronic recycling.   They accept any computer component, PC, hard drive, monitor, keyboard and mouse at no charge.  Check with your local Goodwill for their business and consumer policies.

Lastly, check your local community solid waste program for their technology recycling program.  Often, they charge for televisions, microwaves, monitors, freon and compact fluorescent bulbs.  Typically, all other appliances are accepted at no cost.

Before school begins, have a family scavenger hunt to find all unused or broken electronics in your home.  Give an award to the person who finds most items.  As a result, fill a box with the electronics and donate them at the nearest location that participates in electronic recycling.  Consequently, it will be a great learning experience to reuse, repurpose and recycle while helping our environment.

For more options on electronic recycling, check out the article in Consumer Reports on How to Recycle Old Electronics.  If you would like us to help, contact Clear The Clutter Ohio for all of your decluttering needs.

Man holding an old Brick Cell Phone. Recycle electronics when you no longer need them. Clear The Clutter Ohio, Professional Organizer from Mansfield Ohio talks about multiple options
Recycle electronics including your old Brick Phone.  Photo courtesy of American Psycho.

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