Welcome!  After managing banking divisions for 25 years, I transitioned my project management skills and residential home knowledge to create Clear the Clutter, Professional Organizer in Mansfield.  It was something I did on the side for years and find it easy to help others organize their items, clothing, space, and documents.  

I have always been organized but that doesn’t mean I was devoid of excess “stuff”.  There was always a surplus in my house.  But, I found ways to organize, label and perfect systems.  Subsequently, I keep my most important items and place them exactly where I need them.

Our Process

As your Professional Organizer, it is important I understand how you use your home and contents, and to analyze what will work for you!  No two homes are alike.

Kina Kerst, Mansfield, Ohio. Owner, Clear the Clutter, Professional Organizer
Kina Kerst

Following the “Distribute, Donate or Discard” mantra, I help clients pare down possessions, downsize to smaller homes, pack for relocation and to organize just about every space. With accumulated documents, records and photos, Clear the Clutter sets up either a paper system or electronic files that allow you to keep valuable information while freeing yourself of excess paper.

We also offer Home Sale Preparation before you list your house.  Using your own items, Clear the Clutter can present the key areas of your home in the best light so listing pictures are clean, uncluttered and inviting.  This minimal investment, our DIY plan pays off with a greater sales amount and shows off the spaces that mean the most to buyers so they imagine themselves living there.   A home that has been styled will sell faster.

Often, the need for organizing assistance happens at inopportune times when clients must rush a decision.  My goal is simple: to help you think ahead and plan for the future.

We Can Help

If you are in need of a Professional Organizer in or around Mansfield, Ohio, contact us.  Please see my Services page for how Clear the Clutter can help.  I offer complimentary telephone consultations to discuss your needs.

Best Wishes,