Many clients don’t know where to begin when decluttering their home.  I always advise to start small, in an area with little emotional attachment and where you can see results quickly.  For those three reasons, I recommend they clean a Junk Drawer first.

Organizing your Junk Drawer is the first place to begin when decluttering and organizing your home. Clear the Clutter Ohio can provide the tools to do it yourself.
Does your Junk Drawer need organization?

Before we begin, cover your kitchen table with an old cloth or sheet.  Place a trash can next to the table and a box at the back of the table marked, “relocate”

Remove the Junk Drawer and the Items
  • Remove the Drawer from the cupboard and dump every item onto the table
  • Clean the inside of the drawer and set it aside
Sort Like-Items Together
  • Group your items into categories: pens, markers, coins, paper clips, band-aids, business cards, etc. Basically, any group of items you find in the drawer
  • If you find items that don’t belong in the junk drawer (i.e. old wedding announcements), place it in the “relocate” box
Inventory Each Category
  • Evaluate what and how many of each item should remain in the drawer. Do you need $1.00 in pennies?  How about pencils that are 3” long?  Are 200 paperclips too many?
  • Look for duplication: Do you need more than one letter opener, staple remover, scissors, or rulers in the junk drawer?
  • Toss out: anything broken, expired, dry pens/markers, restaurant menus available online, to-go condiments, salt and pepper packets, plastic cutlery, or old business cards
  • Items you never use: when was the last time you used a paper phone book?
  • Measure the junk drawer: not just width and length but also the height. Some organizers are too tall for small drawers
  • Measure the length of the longest items that will be contained in the drawer
  • Make an organization plan that not only fits your drawer dimensions but also makes the most sense for your needs
  • Purchase either a drawer organizer or multiple containers that separate your items
  • If it is in your budget, companies can fabricate custom dividers for your junk drawer
  • For smaller items, consider using small boxes or plastic containers you might have around the house. I like Ziploc 4-ounce Extra Small Squares to hold small items

    Ziploc Extra Small Square containers work well when wrangling your small items together in your junk drawer. A set of 8 can be purchased at Walmart for around $2. Dimensions are 3-1/8" x 3-1/16" x 2-1/16"
    Use Extra Small containers in your junk drawer to wrangle small items together.
Ziploc Extra Small Square containers are perfect to hold small items like binder or paper clips in your junk drawer. A set of 8 can be purchased at Walmart for around $2. Dimensions are 3-1/8" x 3-1/16" x 2-1/16"
Binder or paperclips fit nicely in small containers within your junk drawer.
Return items to the Junk Drawer
  • Retrieve your clean drawer and if you wish, add new, colorful shelf liner
  • Add your organizers and fill with the items you still need and use
  • Find new homes for the items in the Relocate box without returning them to yourdrawer
  • Maintain the organization by revisiting this process every 3 or 4 months
Clear the Clutter Ohio encourages you to move on to larger areas of your home after you finish organizing your junk drawer.
After organizing your junk drawer, move on to a larger area of your home.

Therefore, this is your first step to decluttering your entire house.  I have included a Junk Drawer Organizing Checklist on the Resources page for your convenience.  

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