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We are a Professional Organizer serving Mansfield, Ohio, Richland and the surrounding counties!  Clear the Clutter offers organizing and decluttering services for any space in a home.  We specialize in downsizing assistance when clients must determine what to keep and how to distribute their other possessions.

Additionally, we help clients analyze documents and manage their paper and files. Aside from the option of shredding unnecessary paper, we scan documents when clients prefer to retain information “just in case”.

When you are ready to move, Clear the Clutter prepares your home for the real estate market.  We also assist with relocation packing  to reduce the burden of your move.

Likewise, if there are any additional services where Clear the Clutter might be of assistance, talk to use to see if we can help.

Contact us to schedule a complementary telephone consultation to transform your home into the clutter-free environment you’ve always wanted.


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Downsizing Assistance

Clear the Clutter, Professional Organizer, Mansfield, Ohio is your facilitator for downsizing assistance.  If you plan to downsize or simplify your space in the near future, we can help prioritize and minimize your possessions.  Most of all,  we do this at a time in your life before tough decisions arrive at an inopportune time.


Decluttering and Organizing

We help you prioritize and organize possessions in any space. As a result, we will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired outcomes.  Clear the Clutter, Professional Organizer, Mansfield, Ohio is skilled in facilitating this process.

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Pre Home Sale Assistance

Together, we work with you to maximize space and pre-stage a home before you plan to sell.   For a minimal investment, we focus on Key Room staging, which are the first areas a buyer sees when walking into your home.  We use your furniture and accessories to show off the assets in your home, allowing a buyer to imagine themselves living there.  Your listing photos will show clean, uncluttered rooms to attract buyers to your house.  Further, a styled home will sell faster and for a greater dollar amount.

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